Jean-Louis GROUSSET who succeeds to his father with the same professionalism, offers to you, in a warm and friendly spirit, a quality of services which has made all the fame and the success of the company for more than 30 years.




To acheive this target, LOCAFÊTE provides a fleet of 9 catering trucks:
- 6 kitchen trucks with 6 extendible catering trailers
- 3 kitchen trucks with marquees.


Different installations can be set up to enable a 40 to 500 meal service per day according to the configuration of the teams.


To transport the material (marquees, tables, benches) we have at our disposal:
- 3 heavy vehicule carriers
- 4 refrigerated vans
- 8 carrier vans
- 10 generators


The main values of LOCAFÊTE are experience, organisation, punctuality, adaptability, hygiene and above all, the most remarkable quality of our trucks.


Our partners are mainly in the film-industry and the show-business industry.

In the year 2000, we helped with the catering of 42 films and tv productions, 7 advertising spots and 1 concert.
In the year 2001, we worked on 39 films and tv productions, 15 advertising spots, 4 TV programms, 4 events, 3 video clips and 1 concert.
In the year 2002, , we worked on 37 films and tv productions, 26 advertising spots, 4 TV programms, 3 video clips and 1 concert.